Holistic Remedies for Sore Throat

Remedies for Sore Throat

About a week ago I woke up with an annoying sore throat. To make matters worse a bad headache and body ache accompanied me everywhere throughout that day. I took some common throat syrup, however, the soreness in my throat worsened the following day. I was unable to swallow even the tiniest morsel of food.

Home remedies for sore throat are age-old and have been proven to be very effective for mild and even moderate sore throat problems. I knew that, as far as remedies for sore throat go, there were several I could try. For example there are different types of gargles, lozenges and humidifiers.

In complete despair, I decided to gargle with warm salt water, a tried and tested home remedy. In about ten minutes time the pain in my throat had lessened.

Seriously, it was amazing how a simple glass of water and salt could treat even the most annoying sore throat. And there are many more holistic ways to treat an annoying sore throat, some of which I have personally tried and they work miracles.

Any sore throat that lasts for more than a week should be evaluated by a health care professional.

Remedies for sore throat

1. Ginger Tea

Ginger has many health benefits. It is known to have antibacterial properties which help in getting rid of the bacteria responsible for the soreness in the throat.

You can have ginger in many ways to treat a sore throat. My favorite one is ginger tea, simply peel and grate a one-inch piece of ginger in a glass of water.

Let the water boil till it is reduced to half. Strain the water and have it like a tea. For better taste you can add honey to it.

2. Basil Tea or Basil Gargle

Basil, commonly referred to as Holy Tulsi, is an age-old remedy for sore throat and many other ailments. Take ten to fifteen Basil leaves and boil them in two glasses of water. Let the water boil down to half and sip the water like tea. You can even let the water cool down and use it to gargle about two to three times a day. Chewing on Basil leaves also helps reduce the soreness in the throat.

3. Honey-Lemon concoction

The last time I had a sore throat, this honey and lemon concoction proved to be a godsend medicine. Honey helps by coating the throat and lemon helps by loosening the mucus.

Take one teaspoon of honey and mix it with one teaspoon of lemon juice, warm it a little and have it. This is a time-tested remedy and it really reduces the pain in the throat.

The anti-bacterial properties of honey help speed-up healing in case of sore throat. Acting as a hypertonic osmotic, it draws water out of inflamed tissue. This reduces the swelling and discomfort. Add several teaspoons to 1 cup of hot water or herbal tea.

4. Steam (and possibly Eucalyptus)

Another time-tested one of the remedies for sore throat is inhaling steam. Place a bowl of hot boiling water in front of you and cover your head with a towel to stop the steam from escaping. Optionally, you can also add two drops of eucalyptus essential oil in the steaming hot water as it helps in further loosening up the mucus. As a matter of fact, studies have shown the steam helps in reducing the duration of your nasty throat infection.

5. Garlic

Chewing raw garlic does not only treat sore throat but also helps in preventing future throat infections. A freshly peeled garlic clove, sliced into half and placed on both sides of the mouth is a wonder technique for curing sore throat.

Keep sucking on the clove and now and again crush it with your teeth. Garlic has anti-bacterial properties which help in killing bacteria in the throat.

6. Horehound

Horehound is an herbal rescue that has been proven by science to reduce swollen throat tissue. It thins mucus and helps you feel relieved. It looks like mint (with white flowers) in the wild. To make the tea, steep 2 teaspoons of the chopped herb in 1 cup boiling water for 10 minutes; strain and drink.

Note: Horehound isn’t the only one of our remedies for sore throat that have been proven by science. It’s amazing, really. Especially considering that these are all free.

7. Increase your fluid intake

It is very important to keep your throat lubricated. Hence, make sure you have at least ten glasses of lukewarm water that day to reduce irritation in the throat.

Conclusion –  Remedies for Sore Throat

The above remedies for sore throat are really helpful if you have a mild-to-moderate sore throat. In my recent experience, natural cures have proven to be highly effective in healing my sore throat. However, if the pain in your throat escalates and you are having high fever then you must consult a doctor.

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