Hangover Remedies – A Natural Way


Hangover Remedies

Hangovers can be avoided and dealt with by using a few simple, home hangover remedies. A pulsating headache, constant urge to throw up and everything around you spinning in circles . . . these are the common and apparent symptoms of a nasty hangover that hits you after you have had a fun night-out with your pals, boozing, dancing and doing crazy things.

The most common sign of a hangover is a headache accompanied with an annoying pounding around the head. Hangovers also make you snappy and easily irritable.

But many a times, if you have fully enjoyed the free bar, then you will find yourself having a blasting headache while the room around you spins in continuous circles.

To help you treat the symptoms of this self-inflicted misery and get you back into your everyday routine here are some natural hangover remedies. Adequate sleep with ample fluid intake should be given utmost importance as a help to cure hangover.

These will help you replenish the lost vitamins and hydrate yourself. You must avoid caffeine as well for the same reason.

Hangover Remedies – A Natural Way

1. Banana Shake

If you can somehow bear the loud sound of the blender first thing in the morning, then blend together some banana and milk along with honey to make a banana shake. Alcoholic beverages deplete our body of important minerals such as magnesium and potassium. Banana is rich in magnesium and potassium. Bananas and milk calms the stomach and honey helps in stabilizing blood sugar levels back to normal.

2. Water

Alcohol is diuretic in nature and tends to cause dehydration. Before falling asleep at night drink couple of glasses of water to reduce the symptoms of a hangover the next morning.

And the following day, drink abundant amounts of water to reduce the likelihood of chronic dehydration. Also, if possible, order a glass of water with every drink and alternate between the two while hanging out with your friends.

3. Ginger

Ginger is a popular herb used to treat nausea. And, since nausea is a common symptom of a hangover, ginger works wonders. If you can stand up straight for ten minutes then brew up some fresh ginger tea. Take 10 slivers of fresh ginger and boil in it 3-4 cups of water for ten minutes. Strain the water, add honey and drink this tea to feel relief.

4. Toast and Plain rice

Food might be the last thing you want to have while in the middle of a hangover. However, you do need to eat something to replenish your energy levels. Have only liquids initially to keep your stomach calm. Then have small portions of easy-to-digest foods such as plain rice or a toasted slice of bread.

5. Apple

Hard to believe, but having an apple on an empty stomach can reduce the symptoms of a hangover. This is because apples are rich in magnesium and alcohol wipes out this important mineral from the body. If you feel that you stomach is not yet ready to digest solid food then have a glass of apple juice instead.

6. Almonds

Having six to ten almonds before drinking helps the body prepare itself against the alcoholic intoxication that is soon to follow.

7. Peppermint

The digestive system becomes sluggish after a night of drinking. Peppermint is an extremely effective natural stomach soother.  Having peppermint tea improves digestion and helps calm the entire system.

8. Rest

Most importantly, have a long rested day. You gave yourself a fun ‘night-out’ by drinking with your friends, now it’s time to give your body a ‘day-in’ by resting.

Proper rest combined with the above-stated natural cures will help your body overcome the symptoms of a hangover much faster.

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