How To Get Rid Of Wrinkles Naturally And Age Gracefully

get rid of wrinkles

Wrinkles? Why all the fuss? Think of them as lines of distinction; marks of maturity. ~ Alex Morritt (Tweet this)

Wrinkles are one of those conditions most humans try to avoid like the plague. People spend thousands on expensive creams; lotions and even go so far as plastic surgery just to keep their skin young and get rid of wrinkles.

However, could there be a better way? And on a deeper level, could this desire to get rid of wrinkles and escape the impermanence of our physical bodies be just an attempt to connect with a more ethereal and permanent part of ourselves?

For ages people have looked for the fountain of youth and in plenty of the wrong places. So often, the attempt to achieve health is but a secret mission to escape the ever-present reality of death and aging. A wise man once told me that all false purpose leads to true purpose. We see this demonstrated in the practice of Yoga, where we journey through the false image of our physical body to discover our true selves.

And as with Yoga, the discovery of our true selves leads to the true fountain of youth. In knowing our truest selves we gain the ability to become reborn into a new life at each moment—that is the secret of timeless youth. However, we also have something a bit more practical for you further on after the next section.

Supernatural Cells

As it turns out, our cells have just as much difficulty accessing divine essence as we do. When we get down to the biochemistry of what makes disease in the body, we will come across cells that are confused, irritated, and unhealthy. Everything from weight problems to autoimmune deficiencies has its roots in unhealthy cells.

By discovering and focusing on this timeless self, we can not only wash away the pain associated with physical aging but we may also transform our physical bodies—achieving greater levels of health and vitality. Because the physical body is just a manifestation of the metaphysical body (our thought universe) it is important we manage our views and perceptions.

Instead of focusing on the ever-changing physical body, we must learn to monitor ourselves from our purest form. This way our cells may also slip into meditative bliss and embellishment.

If you meditate or practice any sort of awareness, then I welcome you to invite the infinity of ever-renewing life into your view and into your life. If you look closely, it’s all around us. Watching our breath we see the very cycle of constant renewal. Each exhale, we die and with each inhale we are reborn.

Focus on this constant renewal and place that same intention on your cells, even if their size seems too small to comprehend—just imagine. Think about one of your cells and imagine a bright shimmering light. Focus on the light and expand it throughout your entire body one cell at a time. Breathe in and with each exhale, move light from one cell to the other. Imagine using your own fresh perspective to renew and cleanse each cell of your body. With enough practice, this should make you feel light and refreshed by the end.

It depends on you whether you want wrinkles or dimples on your face. ~ Raaz Ojha (Tweet this)

Diet, lifestyle and wrinkles

While removing such heavy importance on our physical looks and referencing via our true selves is the real secret to peace and health, it’s important to also learn how to act from this new place in the world.

When we are no longer identified with the body as who we are (object referral) but instead identify with the timeless self (self referral) a great deal of haste and insecurity vanishes from our choices. This results in more effortless and resistance-less action in our daily lives.

How might this manifest for you? In the simple ways that nature has intended for us to live. One of the most important things we can do to get rid of wrinkles or rather prevent wrinkles and age gracefully is to live a very natural lifestyle. Within the model of that lifestyle we include a nourishing diet, clean and pure water, laughter, joy, movement, time in nature and plenty of sun.

The healing power of the Sun

The idea that the sun is damaging for the skin is a bit misconstrued. While too much sunlight may play a role in the formation of wrinkles, not enough sunlight can be even more disastrous for our overall health. Lack of sunlight may lead to hormonal imbalances, depression and even weak digestion—all things that would contribute to rapid aging.

Sunlight is a proven and prescribed treatment for many skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and more. Low vitamin-D levels are also linked to premature aging. Getting enough sunlight is critical for optimal vitamin-D levels and to get rid of wrinkles. Adequate vitamin-D levels support our digestive systems and balance our hormones, which attribute to better absorption of critical nutrients for forming young and elastic skin cells.

For healthy and resilient skin, all we need is 15 minutes of prime-time sunlight. The ideal time would be around 12-2. Make sure to get direct sunlight on major parts of the body including the back, chest, shoulders and stomach. As long as you are not over-exposing yourself to the point of burning then you are fine.

Sugar, glycation and wrinkles

What most people do not realize is that sugar is actually more damaging than sunlight. Sugar, particularly refined sugar or any sugar in excess, makes us age more quickly—both on the inside and out.

This is due to a process known as glycation, which takes place in the body when we eat sugar. Glycation is the process of sugar molecules binding to protein, which creates a new molecule—one that is destructive to the body—called an advanced glycation end-product or AGEs. This molecule is responsible for the breakdown of tissues, particularly skin tissue and the formation of wrinkles.

Gylcation can also cause these problems with the skin:

  • Reduced elasticity
  • Thinning
  • Rubbery texture
  • Spider veins around the nose, cheeks, and chin
  • Age spots

When you eat a diet filled with sugar, you build up high levels of AGEs. Research has also found that high levels of AGEs in the skin make it more susceptible to sun damage.

How to get rid of wrinkles

Considering glycation is one of the major causes of wrinkles, we start to see that what is viewed as just a vanity issue is actually a deeper issue as well. Glycation breaks down and weakens tissue; this includes our internal tissues like ligaments and joint tissue.

If you eat a diet that is full of sugar, the body undergoes a great deal of nutritional stress. Glycation is just a form of physical stress, more specifically it is nutritional stress by causing a lot of free radicals to be released into the body. Aside from these issues to the skin, glycation can also harden blood vessels and stiffen tissues leading to fibrosis. While sugar is a prime source of wrinkles, it can also hurt the body in more ways than just one.

For example, excessive sugar consumption can:

  • Damage organs—especially the liver,
  • Cause free radical damage,
  • Inflame the body, and
  • Damage DNA.

Not all sugar is created equally

While there is a vast difference in refined sugar and the natural sugars found in fruits and vegetables, this is no excuse to consume fruit in large amounts. In fact, plenty of today’s modern fruit is hybridized and contains very high levels of fruit sugar (fructose).

Wild fruit and fruit before modern farming is and was much lower in sugar (and therefore was also more bitter). Today, fruits like banana, apple and papaya are often modified to be much sweeter. Plenty of people consider these to be health foods but do not see the big picture. Consuming tons of these sugary fruits may be too much fructose for the liver to handle, causing organ damage and leading to glycation.

Be careful also because fruit sugar, known as fructose, is found in many plants aside from fruit. Other foods containing high levels of fructose which should be minimized or avoided include:

  • Agave
  • Honey
  • Maple syrup
  • Coconut sugar
  • Root vegetables
  • Sugar cane
  • Corn
  • Most processed or commercial foods: condiments, baked goods, and deli meats often contain high fructose corn syrup

While some forms of sugars can be healthy, such as in the case of vegetable carbohydrates like pumpkin and winter squashes, fructose is eight times more likely to glycate, than is glucose—a sugar source used by the liver. It is also the most basic sugar in the above-mentioned starches.

When it comes to fruit, it’s best to consume low-fructose fruits that are more similar to their original species. These would include:

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Berries (blueberry, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry)
  • Wild berries (june berries, mulberries, yumberries, etc.)
  • Cranberry
  • Pomegranate
  • Currants

Tips on eating fruit

When it comes to eating fruit a good rule of thumb is to consume it on an empty stomach. There are some theories in food hygiene, which suggest that fruit can easily ferment in the small intestine if eaten with food that takes longer to digest. We want to avoid this because undigested food in the intestines may lead to bacterial imbalances in the gut, causing a whole new skin problem.

Try raw pomegranate juice (preferably homemade). Recent research suggests that fresh pomegranate juice actually contains compounds that inhibit the development of wrinkles caused by AGEs.

If you find yourself craving sweet foods and wish to cut back for the sake of your skin and health then give the herb stevia a try. This is a leaf that is popular in China, which gives you a sweet taste without the damaging affects of sugar—like raising blood sugar, which may cause physical stress in the body and the formation of AGEs.

For more information and tips on combating sugar cravings, be sure to reference this article I wrote previously: What Causes Food Cravings? How to Cure Them?

Final thoughts

The bottom line is that eternal youth is not something you will find in a pill bottle or at the doctor’s office, yet this is often where we look. We look to our medical doctors, our naturopathic physicians, and even to our food for ways to preserve our youth.

Investing in anti-wrinkle creams and anti-aging potions is a fragmented solution that I believe is rooted in fear. If we switch our view and start to realize that health and beauty are one, we will find a solution that is much more rewarding and fulfilling at the same time.

Remember, the real secret of eternal youth is having the courage to live in the moment and leave the past where it belongs. There is something beautiful and new being offered to each and everyone one of us each step through life. Eternal youth is more than just how to get rid of wrinkles; it is recognizing the beauty of the present and seeing ourselves from that place of eternal renewal.

Wrinkles are engraved smiles. ~ Jules Renard (Tweet this)

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