3 Resources To Create Awesome Email Marketing Campaigns

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Email marketing campaigns can be described as the bread and butter of a business. Email marketing involves taking your list of leads, building relationships with them and letting them know about the promotions going on within your business. In other words, email marketing is your direct contact to your market. That’s why it’s so important to understand the many uses of email lists, how to leverage them for business and how the psychology of these email marketing lists actually work.

It can be a lot of information and it can get overwhelming. This is especially true for the beginner who is just starting to learn about how email marketing works. To make matters more complicated, email marketing campaigns don’t just pertain to email. There are several factors that will affect the success of your email marketing campaigns including SEO, blogs, opt-ins, social media and more.

3 email marketing resources

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of email marketing gurus out there who don’t actually know what they are talking about. It’s an industry that has definitely been saturated and as a result there are some not-so-nice people making money off of individuals who are just trying to learn how all this stuff works.

However, there are plenty of great teachers and resources available (often times for free) which can help you truly understand the power of email marketing and how to use it properly for your business.

Below you’ll find a list of some of the top experts in the field of email marketing which we’ve curated based on their ability to easily explain seemingly complicated marketing concepts, the wealth of free information available and their interest in psychology.

1. Pat Flynn

Pat Flynn is the blogger behind the legendary blog Smart Passive Income. This blog in particular is fantastic because he shows you how to use internet marketing concepts in a way that actually leads to making money. He also does this in a way which is not sleazy, is up-to-date and focuses on providing value for your market.

It’s because of Pay Flynn that I was finally able to understand SEO and keyword research (thanks to his video walkthroughs of tools and tutorials). He also has podcasts, blog posts and a loads of free content about internet marketing.

In addition to teaching people about SEO and keyword research (which you need to get eyeballs on your website anyway), he’s also created content which teaches people about email marketing and how to set up successful campaigns. He’s very transparent about what works and what doesn’t in his own business so that you don’t have to waste your time.

2. Derek Halpern

Derek Halpern is the creator of the Social Triggers website. What sets him apart from many other internet marketers (besides his no-nonsense and down-to-earth attitude) is his ability to teach the psychology behind marketing techniques.

He doesn’t just teach you about internet marketing, blogs and email lists, he also goes deep into the psychology as to why certain techniques work and others don’t.

It’s from Derek Halpern that I learned negative frames work better for titles than positive ones. I’ve experimented with this personally with opt-in titles and found that he was right. When I named my opt-in “5 Ways Millennials Can Stop Sabotaging Their Chances of Making Money” instead of  “5 Ways Millennials Can Make More Money” I doubled my email list in a matter of weeks.

What used to take me a year, only took me a couple of days when it came to converting subscribers.

3. Copyblogger

If you’re trying to learn more about online marketing concepts Copyblogger is another goldmine of resources. Since Copyblogger has been around for years and it can get overwhelming to search through all the great content, they made it easy for you by creating a 20-part free email course which walks you through everything email marketing.

Their email marketing course explains what makes effective copy, what makes a good email opt-in, what makes good email marketing and what makes blogs go viral. The course is also delivered in daily bite-sized chunks so you can do one thing at a time and truly understand these concepts.

Additionally, by becoming a free member they give you access to 15 free ebooks which cover everything from writing blogs to email marketing sequences.

Copyblogger has made it so easy to get the information you need that its no wonder over 20,000 people have signed up for this free course. And as someone who has applied much of what Copyblogger teaches, I assure you the email marketing techniques they share actually work.

Final Thoughts

The websites mentioned in this article have proven time and time again that their strategies work. By learning the ins and outs of email marketing (including blogs, SEO and how it all works together) you’ll be able to build marketing strategies that actually convert leads into customers over time.

Rather than becoming utterly overwhelmed by trying to search for all this email marketing information yourself, go straight to the source and take in everything they teach like a sponge.


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