Career Choice – 7 Tips to Choosing the Right One

Career Choice

Money, career choice, happiness, job description, new challenges, meeting new people… Have you ever wondered what drives you to work every single day? Money, of course, is a very important factor for all of us to work.

But, we look for job satisfaction as well. A career choice is a process, not an event which can make all the difference in your life. Knowing where your talents lie is key to choosing a right path.

 Case Study

Raina is a trainer by profession. She is a mother of a 2-year-old boy. She used to love her work but, for the past few months, she remains upset about her routine.

Her work requires her to travel frequently. She used to love travelling but, after motherhood, this part of her job has started bothering her as she does not like to leave her little one behind.

After much thought and introspection, she changed her company and settled for a position where she would not be required to travel for work. She is in a happier space now as she can give time to her family as well. She says that she has attained work/life balance and can focus better on work and home.

Introduction – Career Choice

All of us, who have a professional career, work for some reason. Of course money is one of the major reasons, followed by career growth, job satisfaction, etc. At times, we are confused and do not figure out correctly why we are working. We feel dull, do not feel excited by our work or simply do not feel like going to the office.

Before you can make a career choice you have to learn about yourself. Your values, interests  and skills, in combination with certain personality traits, will make some careers especially suitable for you.

It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career ~ Carlton Fisk (Tweet this)

If something like this is happening to you as well, then it’s time to think – Are you in the right job/profession? Look at the pointers given below and try to find out the answer.

Career Choice – 7 Tips

1. Do you feel excited to start the day at work – If you like your job and enjoy your work, the first sign would be that you are happy and excited to start your day at work. If you feel otherwise very often, it hints that something is wrong and needs your attention.

2.  Do colleagues seek your help – While at work, if your colleagues come to you for advice and help often, also is a sign that you are doing it right in the workplace.

3. Are you open to bigger challenges and new learning – People who are happy with their work and want to keep growing, keep on pushing their limits. They want to take on new challenges, learn new things and explore more. If this is the case with you, it is a positive sign.

4. Do you seek growth at the same place – We all want to grow in our career in terms of money, position and knowledge. If you feel that you have growth opportunities in the current workplace that also hints that you are moving in right direction.

5. Do you feel content at the end of day – After a hectic day at work, if you feel happy and satisfied and, if you are happy that you have done something substantial, that means you are happy and in the correct space.

6. Money matters – We can never feel satisfied when it comes to our paycheck. We always want more. But, a certain amount of contentment is important when you get your salary. If you have that feeling, it means your job suits you. You may have to make some compromises along the way, but generally speaking, the career you choose should allow you to meet your financial goals.

7. Are you getting what you want – Money is very important, but we also have other expectations from our job like some people expect to grow fast in hierarchy, some want to have decision-making power, some want appreciation. We all have such expectations. If we are able to fulfill these or we are working to achieve the above, that also is a positive sign.

Conclusion – Career Choice

When choosing the right career path for you, the most important thing that you need to remember is to stick to your interests. No one feels comfortable in doing a job which is a misfit for them. It makes you unproductive, sad and discontented. We all have our priorities while working and we expect certain things from our jobs/careers.

Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life ~ Confucius (Tweet this)

If we are not able to attain them, our performance is affected. We all have our priorities in terms of career and they can change with time. The path to growth, happiness and success requires us to realize what our priorities are and work towards achieving them. Only then we will be able to make out if we have a right job / career at hand or not. Having an answer to this question will make us more happy, focused and successful in life.

Recognize that you’ll change as time rolls on. Your needs for money, freedom, balance, and recognition will change with you. But for now, think through each of these ideas, and you’ll be well on your way to choosing the right career that’s best for you!!


About the Author

Varsha Tyagi is a Master's in Psychology with 5 years of Experience as a Life Skills Coach and a Counseling Psychologist. She has worked with many schools, colleges and corporates as a Counselor and a Life Skills Trainer and dealt with both children and adults. She is currently working as a Life Skills Facilitator with an organization.

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