9 Natural Ways to Fight the Common Cold

Common Cold

We humans here on earth, are blessed with many wonders of nature. The changing seasons are one of those wonderful experiences that we witness in every part of the world.

Though every season comes with its own beauty, this change in weather, at times, takes a toll on our health and body. One of the most common problems faced by people worldwide during changing weather is the common cold.

As seasons change, our immunity weakens and we catch cold easily. The common cold is usually mild with symptoms of a runny nose, sneezing and sore throat and the symptoms may last for only one or two weeks.

Case Study

Rick lives in his college dorm, is the captain of his cricket team and is out in the field in the evenings. He is a healthy boy but, during the change of season, he usually catches cold and at times is down with fever. He does not like taking medicine but feels upset when his cricket practice is impacted by his ill health.

This time his mother has asked him to follow some simple procedures when he is down with a cold and he seems to benefit from them. He is feeling better without taking medicines and is able to play cricket.

Like Rick, many of us have the same problem. If we cannot avoid a situation, its better to be conscious and take measures that can help you deal with it better. If we cannot avoid the common cold, let us try fighting it by following some simple techniques and try to stay healthy even during this delicate time of changing seasons.

1. Stay WarmWhen you are down with the common cold, it is advisable to stay warm. Keeping the body warm helps speed up the recovery process and you feel more comfortable.

2. Use steam treatments – Take a hot shower or inhale steam. The hot steam and water help loosen the mucus and hydrates your dry nasal passage.

3. Drink hot fluid – Drinking hot tea or a warm soup will do wonders to you. Not only does drinking something warm make you feel good, it also clears your blocked nasal passage.

4. Blow your nose when necessary – Always keep a soft handkerchief or tissues with you when facing cold. Blow your nose when feeling blocked. Do not hold it back.

5. Rest – If you want to recover fast, it is necessary to get proper rest. Do not exert too much. If possible take a day or two off from work and get plenty of sleep. Not doing so only prolongs your illness and will make you more weak and ill.

6. Drink ample fluids – A runny nose and sweating in order to keep yourself warm can make you feel dehydrated. Drink water or juices to keep you hydrated at this time.

7. Do not forget Vitamin C – Your best friend while dealing with cold is Vitamin C. It fights cold and helps you recover faster. Drink orange juice, eat fruits like orange, kiwi, lemon, strawberries and green leafy vegetables which have a high quantity of the same.

8. Eat garlic to fight cold – Garlic has many health benefits due to its antiviral and antibiotic properties. Taking raw garlic is the best way to make the most of it.

9. Prevent the virus from spreading – We all know that a cold is a communicable disease. It spreads easily. Make sure you are away from public places so that it does not spread and others are not affected.


The common cold is known to bring a lot of discomfort and sickness with it. Usually, it takes its own sweet time to go. Make sure that you follow these simple steps next time when you or your loved ones catch cold next time.

Not only do these simple practices help you deal with the problem better but, you will also recover faster and feel healthy and better, sooner. Take care and beat the cold the Natural Way !!!

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