The Wisdom Times awards rewards blogging excellence by showcasing blogs that change lives. Blogs that can therefore, change the world. This award is to honor personal development bloggers who are relentlessly inspiring people to reach their true potential.

How was the selection done?

The Top 100 Personal Development Blogs selection was based on 4 criteria: Alexa Rank, Domain Authority, Sphere of Influence addressing all dimensions of life, and a Proprietary Algorithm. Honorable Mentions

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1 Maria Popova

Brain Pickings is a cross-disciplinary vessel that enrich our mental pool of resources and empower combinatorial ideas that are stronger, deeper and more impactful. It’s about creating insight into that grand question of how to live well.

2 Tim Ferris

Tim Ferris the author of the “Four hour work week” has developed blog in which he speaks about every other subject imaginable. Health, lifestyle and even spirituality are discussed. All kinds of advice given through his often unique approach.

3 Brett McKay

A life guide for men to become better in all areas, a new generation of great men. Aimed at men and their unique challenges and interests. They explore all things manly — from the serious and philosophical to the practical and fun.

4 Leo Babauta

Zen Habits is a blog with an extremely simple and clean layout that reflex the purpose of its content to perfection. The idea of this blog is to help find the simplicity and mindfulness among the chaos of daily life.

5 Ramit Sethi

Ramit Sethi started the blog while studying at Stanford. After losing in the stock market he decided to learn how money really works. He searched for how to enjoy the money while being responsible and shares his findings together with life advice.

6 Michael Hyatt

For years, bestselling author Michael Hyatt was a virtual mentor. To consciously cultivate this, he started a blog in 2004 to “help high achievers win at work and succeed at life.” His blog teaches personal development, leadership, & productivity.

7 Derek Halpern

Social Triggers was founded by Derek Halpern, an expert in the marketing business and entrepreneurship. Its main focus is how to develop traffic, be a better seller, and attract costumers online. Some of his philosophy will transcend business.

8 Darren Hardy

Darren Hardy is the founder of SUCCESS magazine. As such, he has access to the most successful people alive, so he created a blog to share behind the scenes info, stories and insider tips that might not make it to press each month but are still gems.

9 James Clear

Clear writes on behavioral psychology & studies successful people in different arenas (entrepreneurs, athletes, artists) to teach how to improve mentally, physically, be more productive, & be successful in achieving anything you choose.

10 Mark Manson

Mark Manson an ex dating coach for men that got tired of the ill advice given in the industry and decided to offer his own deeper perspective and branch out into other issues. Growing into a wider audience and creating his very successful blog.

11 Marie Forleo

Multi-passionate Forleo doesn’t fit in a box. She sees marketing as a path not only to money but also to change the world. She “adds more value to your world than you dream possible with tools you can immediately use to improve business & life.”

12 Marc and Angel Chernoff

Forbes called it “one of the most popular personal development blogs.” They help release limiting beliefs keeping people stuck.  They have 700+ posts on happiness, productivity & relationships; 100-million+ page views & 100k subscribers since 2006.

13 Brian Tracy

World-renowned Brian Tracy shares his insight on how to achieve your goals in faster and easier ways. Here you can find advice in business, leadership, time management and, given his prolific background as an author, articles about writing.

14 Steve Pavlina

Pavlina turned his life around & became obsessed with self improvement when at age 19 he found himself sitting in jail for felony grand theft. Today his blog (1300+ articles) is one of the most successful personal development blogs on the internet.

15 Joshua Beker

Joshua Beker had a meaningful conversation with a friend in 2008 and together with his wife & children became a minimalist. The blog talks about a “rational approach to minimalism” and how they found a way to live a more meaningful and abundant life.

16 Eric Barker

An interesting, well-written blog that has been featured in places such as the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Wired Magazine and Time. It has a science-based approach about different areas of life and ways to achieve personal success.

17 Gretchen Rubin

Gretchen Rubin’s blog is about happiness. She posts about what habits to ditch and which ones to develop in order to live more joyously. You can also find weekly podcasts with guest speakers discussing their take on what it takes to achieve happiness.

18 Dr. Jeremy Dean

This psychology-based blog talks about different scientific studies, research, and how the mind works. The founder is Dr. Jeremy Dean and he founded the blog to offer a smart, readable source of news for those interested in psychological insights.

19 Robin Sharma

Sharma is an expert in leadership with several bestsellers on the subject. He believes you do not need to hold a specific title to be an influential, successful leader. Achieving leadership also helps an individual improve his day to day life.

20 Derek Sivers

Derek Sivers’ blog seems to be a direct reflection of the type of person he is. Minimalist and to the point with all the information on the main page. It explores the psychology behind self-improvement, business, philosophy & intercultural relativism.

21 Harleena Singh

This multi-niche life blog covers self improvement, relationship, career & inspiration. Harleena Singh (the founder) writes most of the articles focusing on bringing happiness to your life. For her life is “inspiration, family, empowerment”.

22 Danielle Laporte

Danielle Laporte has a holistic approach about different areas in life. She explores entrepreneurship, creativity, and the learning process in a conscious manner, including paying attention to who is affected (and how) every time we make a decision.

23 Scott Dinsmore

Scott Dinsmore believed that a world in which people did only what they love would be a much happier place. In his blog you can find advice about how to find your passion and pursue it. He passed away in September leaving his wife to continue.

24 Celestine Chua

A successful personal development blog (800+ articles, videos, & podcasts; 1.1 million+ views/month & readership in over 200 countries) aimed at helping you achieve your highest potential in life… Its founder, Celestine Chua, is a personal coach.

25 Chris Guillebeau

This is about living a different kind of life where you choose as an individual without having to follow a pattern or what others expect. However this does not mean to live a self-centered life, on the contrary, you can help others at the same time.

26 Steven Aitchison

Steven Aitchison studied psychology and developed this blog with the main belief that if you can change your thoughts you can change your entire life. The trigger for his philosophy was the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.

27 Penelope Trunk

Penelope Trunk is the founder of 4 startups and she documents her path in this blog. She writes not only about career, but also about her development as a person living in different cities, starting a new life, and becoming a mom.

28 Henrik Edberg

The positivity blog was founded in 2006 by Henrik Edberg, who immersed himself in self-development and improved his own life drastically. He shares his journey to help others with self confidence, relationships, productivity and a happy healthy life.

29 Scott Young

On Scott Young’s blog the main focus is self mastery, or how to learn more effectively. You can find over 1000 very interesting articles, some free eBooks, and even a couple of leaning experiments in which Scott himself is the “Guinea Pig”.

30 Sean Ogle

Location 180 is a blog founded in 2009 by Sean Ogle and its main purpose is to help others achieve the freedom and the flexibility he already has accomplished by being able to work on its own schedule from anywhere in the world.

31 Liz and Chanel

Founded by a mother-daughter team drawing from their own experiences and hobbies they write about family, fitness, travel and even recipes! Their simple down to earth approach about life might be what makes them popular. It’s simply a blog about life.

32 Thanh Pham and Aaron Lynn

This blog is all about time management and productivity. It gives tons of guidance in how to accomplish your to-do lists in the most efficient way possible freeing more of your time to do whatever you want in the process.

33 Barrie Davenport

This is about real-life, practical applications (finding what really works & what does not) when it comes to personal development. The founder likes to support her material in a scientific way, using “proven techniques for real, quantifiable change”.

34 Stefan Pylarinos

The purpose of the blog is “to be a source of inspiration and change for those who refuse to settle for anything less than an extraordinary life.” Founder Stefan Pylarinos says it is a place for him to share everything that has improved his life.

35 Victor Pride

Clearly a testosterone-driven place, aimed at men and the achievement of that alpha-male image many aspire to. It talks about how to live life by taking control, making money, body sculpting, & how to dominate your surroundings to get what you want.

36 Courtney Carver

A minimalist blog about simplifying your life to really live. Living with less creates time & space to discover what really matters. Through decluttering and focusing on only the best things, you can create a life with more joy and fewer obligations.

37 Vanessa Van Edwards

A well-researched, science-based blog. Here you will find information about how the human mind operates. All of the information is backed by scientific studies & they conduct some pretty interesting experiments themselves to prove different theories.

38 Vidya Sury

Vidya started the blog back in 2003 out her love for writing and connecting to others. With time it got organized and focused and now you can find very useful information about, travel, parenting, personal development, inspiration, health & wellness.

39 Skip Prichard

This blog is called Leadership Insights and in it, its funder Skip Prichard shares ideas that can help someone advance at work or live a better life. His goal is to “create a spark that may inspire readers to find their own unique gifts and use them”.

40 Donald Latumahina

Life Optimizer is about living to your highest potential. The Author, Donald Latumahina got the idea from his computer science background where people are always trying to optimize their computer resources. He believes that we can optimize our lives.

41 Craig Jarrow

Craig Jarrow, the author / founder, wants to help people reclaim their time. He believes that by learning the proper skills, habits and tools people can take control of their professional and personal lives. He also believes in keeping things simple.

42 Peter Clemens

Peter Clemens created an inspirational blog to share his story of transformation from living without purpose to absolutely loving his life. Most articles come from a personal point of view so it’s an interesting way to see how others view the world.

43 Natalie Lue

This blog, by Natalie Lue, is a great resource about relationships, letting go of the past, improving self-esteem, and becoming available emotionally.

44 Luminita Saviuc

Luminita Saviuc’s blog is about her observations on the human condition, and how to access our infinite selves daily. Inspirations include Lao Tzu, Einstein, Max Planck, Frankl, Maya Angelou, Wayne Dyer, Bruce Lipton, Louise Hay, and Vishen Lakhiani.

45 David Cain

David Cain, the founder of Raptitude, teaches skills not taught in schools about how to get better at being a human. Skills such as managing your emotions, dealing with stress and anxiety, getting over the past, and quitting bad habits are mainstays.

46 Mike Vardy

This blog, founded in 2011 as a complement of the company, is all about being productive through the development of practical and tactical approaches of work and life. In it you can find 100s of articles and podcasts about becoming a “productivityst”.

47 Joel Runyon

For those who want to push themselves to live at their limit. They make it very clear by asking you to take a cold shower as an initiation. Its focus is business, fitness and gritness (mental toughness and the motivation to push yourself further).

48 Steven Handel

With 500+ posts on psychology and self improvement, including the latest discoveries in neuroscience, cognitive-, social-, and positive psychology “the goal is to combine many different fields into 1 perspective on self improvement & mental health.

49 Farnoosh Brock

Founder Farnoosh Brock believes that our life begins with our thoughts. She quit her cushy corporate job and got her husband to do the same thing. The blog was created to help others pursue the same wonderful insanity that they were accused of having.

50 Tor Refsland

Tor Refsland believes smart people learn from experience and that very smart people learn from the experience of others. He wants to share his lessons on efficiency & time management so others can get more out of life without having to sacrifice time.

51 Henri Junttila

The focus here is on developing a lifestyle business. Basically it teaches you the skills necessary to turn your passion into a successful online business to create a lifestyle where you can have more freedom to do what you want wherever you want.

52 Jonathan Mead

A career-oriented site with a twist. Founder Jonathan Mead was working like most people “just to pay the bills” and realized there had to be a better way to live. Now you can actually find happiness through your work instead of feeling trapped in it.

53 Simona Rich

Simona Rich’s blog is an expression of her values. In it she shares her experience and opinion about independence, happiness, abundance and self mastery. Simona believes that solitude & celibacy are important tools for self discovery and improvement.

54 Jonathan Wells

This is a direct, well-organized blog aimed at giving people access to advanced life skills that are practical & actionable so that change can happen immediately. They cover areas such as happiness, confidence, relationships, challenges & motivation.

55 Scott Britton

A simple blog where the founder writes from time to time about things he is learning in the areas of business and personal growth, and yet this “little” blog has 19,000+ subscribers and has articles packed with useful information in sales & marketing.

56 Tynan

Written by an ex pickup artist (and minimalist nomad), Tynan makes for an interesting read. The author talks about how to love work, self discipline and living a free-spirited and light life. The blog is about staying away from the herd mentality.

57 Steve Mueller

Founder Steve Mueller says that probably the best asset he has for the blog is not being an expert or guru but just a regular guy who has managed his way to a happier healthier and more fulfilled life. His mission is to help others do the same.

58 Alden Tan

At 20, Alden lost his father to ALS and this marked his life in a profound manner. In his blog he wants to tell his story, write his heart out, and help others with honest stories to get inspired. If you don’t mind cursing then give this blog a look.

59 Alexander Kjeruff

Alexander Kjerulf, an extremely successful “Happiness at work” coach, travels all over the world giving conferences. Some of his clients are LEGO, IKEA and Microsoft. His blog puts all his tools into a context were they can be easily used by anyone.

60 Tim Browson

Founder Tim Browson became a life coach after achieving his own growth and now has certifications in life coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy, mental combat, stress management and more. In his posts you see his experience and optimism shinning through.

61 Erin Pavlina

This founder is an intuitive counselor who started this blog to share her insight about spirituality, psychic, and personal development. Even though her approach might seem more mysterious than other coaches Erin’s blog offers very practical advice.

62 Lolly Daskal

Lolly Daskal is a leadership coach and founder of Lead From Within, a global consultancy with very successful clients. All the posts on leadership are grounded in behavioral and psychological principles along with over 30 years of Lolly’s expertise.

63 Tyler Tervooren

This is aimed at introverts who want to know themselves better, master and take advantage of their strong points & make the most out of life. There are articles about dealing with social situations, spread your message, or kick-start your creativity.

64 Jonathan Fields

The author is a serial entrepreneur and a growth strategist. For him the most important role he ever played is that of father and husband and here he offers life advice on many topics aiming for a “full, joyful, connected, meaningful and vital life”.

65 Thea Westra

Thea Westra built this blog to share her own life experience and belief that we all have a choice in how we live our lives. At 41 she decided to quit her job, sell her house and start living a life beyond that image that society had molded her into.

66 Dr. Joe Vitale

Bestselling author (and well-known from “The Secret”), Self-help Guru Dr. Joe Vitale has a personal blog out that talks about abundance, health, prosperity, money, and of course the law of attraction, and shares his own personal experience & lessons.

67 Mary Jaksch

Mary Jaksch, the founder of the blog, is an authorized Zen master, psychotherapist, and author. The main goal of the blog is to give practical inspirations so people can find creative ways to make their dreams come true.

68 Paul Minors

Paul Minors is a coffee drinking tech lover, passionate about productivity. He explains that productivity is a tool for achieving goals and getting more out of life. The blog’s goal is to help people get more done while reaching their full potential.

69 Corbett Barr

This is about the lost art of getting good at things, many things, without having to be the foremost expert in any one subject. It’s about unlocking the full potential that everybody already carries and reaping the many benefits of following through.

70 Dr. Anthony Metivier

The Magnetic Memory Method, created by Dr. Anthony Metivier, is an effective and fun approach to using Memory Palaces, mnemonics and other memory techniques to store and retrieve virtually any kind of information you want to have on hand.

71 Benny Hsu

Get Busy Living is directed at people that want to live outside of the conventional way. It gives inspiration and motivation about staying true to yourself and doing what that excites you every day no matter how out of the box your ideas are.

72 Charlie Hoehn

Founder and author Charlie Hoehn believes in the importance of a happy and “playful” environment at work, so this blog has a two-fold mission: to empower people to find and live their dream careers and to help reduce stress and prevent burnout.

73 Dragos Roua

Dragos is a serial online entrepreneur and personal development fanatic. In his blog you can find 800+ articles about life & the process of happiness as well as personal development, money, business, relationships & society, productivity & lifestyle.

74 Stephen Guise

Deep Existence emphasizes taking actions & using substantive solutions that can sustain change. The use of willpower and logic is very strong here although its founder says emotions are essential in our life but we must not let them run our lives.

75 Jodi Chapman

Jodi Chapman writes this blog with the hope to help people reconnect with their soul and realize how beautiful life truly is. There are 500+ articles to uplift and inspire its readers into embracing life and become more grateful for every moment.

76 Eduard Ezeanu

In People Skills Decoded you will find information about how to make friends and improve your social life, increase your options in the dating scene, have better relationships in general, deal with difficult people, and get noticed in the workplace.

77 Tammy Strobel

In 2005 Tammy Strobel realized that happiness is different for everyone and there is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to improving life. Her articles are always full of options & alternatives to honor the variety found in human nature,

78 Richard Step

Richard Step has published several books about personality testing, learning optimization, and strength building. In his blog you can find articles about these as well as self discovery and career aptitude tests that he designed.

79 Josh Hinds

This blog is all about motivation. Started in 1996 by Josh Hinds and other than a huge amount of motivational articles you can also find self growth tools such as eBooks, inspirational quotes, leadership advice in business, networking and sales.

80 Vincent Nguyen

Vincent Nguyen writes from personal experience after dedicating himself to the improvement of his life and relationships, but does not use the blog as a personal journal. He makes sure each article has actionable, practical steps the reader can use.

81 Charles Specht

This blog’s main readership is Christian so it has a lot of information about biblical theology and evangelism. But you also find articles about productivity, personal development, adoption, parenting, & marriage to fit people from all walks of life.

82 Tess Marshall

The Bold life was founded by the therapist and psychologist Tess Marshall. Tess is a Courage coach and her work is focused on shattering the fears people have that keep them from acting on the pursuit of the life they desire.

83 Morty Lefkoe

Morty Lefkoe is the creator of a technique to eliminate fears and raise self-esteem that has been proven to work by independent University researchers. This blog will help eliminate obstacles people often find on their journey to self-improvement.

84  Sebastian Marshall

This helps people do more with what they have by improving the use of resources and the effectiveness of their actions. It includes articles about growing your income, creating working capital, getting the right connection, and staying focused.

85 Tia Sparkle

Tia Sparkle is a life coach who she shares what she enjoys most in life: freedom! She wants to help people understand that you and only you are the boss of your life, and that is important to stay true to your essence despite what society might say.

86 Alex Blackwell

Alex Blackwell found himself on the brink of a divorce and realized the need for change was imminent. He turned his life around and now “The BridgeMaker connects people who are looking to find faith, share inspiration and celebrate personal change.”

87 Christy Whitman

This is based on the belief that you can manipulate your energy fields in order to attract from the universe anything you desire. The author brings advice from her own experience using the law of attraction to transform life and become a happy person.

88 Amit Sodha

This blog by Amit Sodha is a platform to challenge the conventional. He wants it to be a contribution & a way of leaving a legacy in the form of hundreds of copyright-free articles in every area of personal development to spread his message further.

89 Swati Chauhan

“The Eureka Life” helps in finding out the eureka quotient of your life. It could mean different things to different people…success, happiness, family relations, contentment, good health or realizing your dreams. It is we who bring meaning to life.

90 Paige Burkes

Paige Burkes has built a very complete blog in Simple Mindfulness. In it she explores relationships and how to have positive and productive ways of ironing out differences, self image and loving your body by staying fit and creating healthy patterns.

91 Melody Fletcher

This was created by Melody Fletcher and based on the belief that we are each the creators of our own reality. Melody discovered this by her own trial and error so she wants to serve as a map for others to do the same without having to go at it alone.

92 Sandra Pawula

This blog is created as a place to relax and keep away from the stress and craziness of day to day busy-ness. But it is far from just an escape. In it its founder Sandra Pawula challenges you to face your challenges and dig deep to find the roots.

93 Jim Tolles

Jim Tolles is a spiritual teacher and healer. He helps people to grow, heal, and embrace their spiritual paths. He is an intuitive teacher and his lessons come from the Truth and Love of the present moment.

94 Evelyn Lim

Evelyn Lim is an Abundance Alchemy Coach. Her goal is to turn people’s dreams into reality utilizing self awareness and inspiration. The blog is a personal message in which she shares her views of the beauty and abundance of life.

95 Amy is a lifestyle blog dedicated to embracing the extraordinary in Every Day. This site encourages frugal, simple, at-home living; nurturing relationships from the view of a faith-filled mother and wife; and living well for less.

96 Zeenat Merchant-Syal

Zeenat Merchant-Syal has created this blog as a safe haven for her readers to explore their thoughts, feelings and growth. The blog is a place for help and healing and it gives importance to love and positivity and the ability of being always present.

97 Nisha Moodley

Nisha’s blog is about empowering women through the creation of a support network in the form of a sisterhood. She believes that “when a woman feels truly free in her life, it expands her capacity to make a massive difference in the world.

98 Amit Amin

At HappierHuman, Amit breaks down positive psychology and behavior modification research into simple, actionable steps.

99 Piera Jolly

Piera Jolly writes to all moms hoping to inspire them as they have inspired her. She talks about natural living, DYI homemaker supplies and ideas, and all things parenthood.

100 Elle Sommer

This blog was created by Elle Sommer with the idea of helping people get past life obstacles, deal with challenges, create the right habits, learn how to trust themselves and their instincts and achieve the life they want and deserve.

101 Dr Sarah McKay

Your Brain Health was created to give the readers access to the latest neuroscience research relevant to brain health and wellbeing.

102 Arman Assadi

This was created by a former Googler with a lifelong mission to help more people live adventurous, fulfilling lives. The goal of the site is to identify your life’s craft, pursue that path and emerge as a solopreneur to create your freedom lifestyle.

103 Jessica Sweet

Jessica Sweet is a career coach. On her blog she helps people find the work that makes them truly happy. She understands people are different and that not everybody who wants a change in their career wants to travel the world living out of a suitcase.