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The Backpack

A boy was having his birthday and wanted a new backpack. His parents got him a nice one but the boy complained that it was not exactly the one he had asked for.  Later that week, he had an outing with his Boy Scout troop. He got to use his new backpack but instead of being happy he acted really bitter about it not being the one he wanted.

In his resentment, and while nobody was looking, the boy grabbed his knife and cut open the bottom of all the other Scout’s packs.

After a long hike, they arrived back at camp. In the center there was a table with a cake, balloons and a big banner that read “Happy Birthday.”

It was a surprise party! All his friends surrounded him and sang “Happy Birthday” to him, carrying him to the table.

“We also have presents!” one of the kids said excitedly.

The mood suddenly changed when they realized that all the presents were gone, having fallen through the holes in all their backpacks.

“Those who believe that breaking others down will fix their own faults are adding more than they think to their repair list.”

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