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God and the Humming Bird

On the day that the ‘Creator” made all the birds, the tiniest hummingbird came to his side and said,

“Creator, I feel a little cheated.

  • I see the Condor with an impressive size, yet I am so very little, smaller than a mouse.
  • I see the Eagle, with powerful claws, yet my feet only work for perching and not even to jump around.
  • I see the Canary, with beautiful songs, and I can only chirp a funny noise.
  • Parrots have beautiful colors and powerful beaks, but my beak is so skinny I can’t open a single fruit with it.”

The “Creator” looked at the tiny bird and responded,

“My dear, you should not worry so much about what the others have that you lack. I have given all the creatures beautiful powers to use in this life. If you get distracted letting envy control you, you will never see that talents like yours are few.

  • You might be small in size but so brave you will be able to even chase Eagles out of your space.
  • Your feet work only to perch because you don’t need them for anything else. Your flight is far superior to any other bird. You can fly forwards and backwards, left, right, and upside down, you can even stay still in the air and disappear with a breath.
  • Your beak is a perfect tool to eat the sweet nectar of flowers, sweeter than any fruit, and your colors might not be bright but they shine like the most perfect of jewels.
  • And your song my dear, it is just perfect for you, for it means you will never be caged. While others will sing for the men, your freedom will forever remain unchanged.”

“Never waste time thinking that you lack something others have, there is not such a thing as lack. That thought is nothing but an illusion. YOU have it all; Everything that YOU need. Your gifts are what make you unique.”

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