Self Motivation – How to get Self Motivated

Self Motivation

To succeed in life one needs to have self motivation and stick to it. Doubt and depression are common emotions faced by many, but what separates the motivated and the successful is their ability to keep moving forward and never brood over the past.

Self motivation can be maintained by setting goals. Goals are something that can give a person self motivation no matter how hard it is. Without goals, it really isn’t important how much self motivation an individual has. One should know about “what is it” that they are motivated for.

Improving self motivation

Self motivation can be improved with rewards or benefits. Rewards drive humans to gain many things that are otherwise difficult to achieve. Many times people face lack of self motivation due to failure. There are times when people beat it, yet it reappears after the first sign of failure.

Focus on understanding your thoughts and how they influence your emotions. One must emphasize the nurturing of their motivating thoughts, focus on the tasks that need to be completed and neutralize negative ones.

You can definitely pull yourself together before it gains momentum. Simply find out reasons that lose your motivation.

Gaining confidence

Overcome lack of confidence. If you do not believe in yourself, you will not succeed as nobody will believe in you either. So then what’s the point in trying?

You lose the motivation and you are back to square one. Work on your confidence, that’s where you start. Think of what you have achieved so far and not what you have lost. Failures give rise to negative thoughts and this is what you do not want at this point.

Jealousy, bad breaks, personal weaknesses dominate your mind, and you lack confidence as you go on making mistakes.

Focus on your goals

Lack of focus is one of the self motivation killers and you sure have to deal with it. It certainly does not lead you anywhere. People often focus on what they do not want, rather than on a goal.

Fear is the main factor here. Fear of being poor, being alone, failure, etc. only feeds on itself and drains self motivation.

Try to overcome fear and focus on concrete goals. A goal defines actions, and you play accordingly. If you are poor, work on various ways of earning, if you are alone, try to be a good companion etc. so instead of sitting on your fear you take action and gain more self motivation.

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Directing your goals

Now that you have decided to focus, achieve and face tasks that are bothering you, make a commitment to focus on the goals you have set. This needs good direction as lack of direction can also be a killer of self motivation.

Without the next plan of action you are definitely going to succumb to procrastination. For achieving your goals make a list of all the activities that can be scheduled, for instance, by day, month or week.

Ponder these objectives and answer them in a yes or no manner. These are directives that help you to know what is to be done and when. If you want to increase your self motivation, know what motivates you. Getting reachable goals will help to get you started.


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