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The First Thing You Need When Starting a Yoga Business

Cailen Ascher

When it comes to starting a yoga business, what is the first thing you need - Is it a business plan, website, marketing strategy, etc? It is none of these!


2 Steps to Uncover Your Yoga Niche

Cailen Ascher

The process of finding your yoga niche and unique positioning as a teacher can be lengthy and requires patience and perseverance, but it is rewarding!


How to Grow Your Yoga Community

Cailen Ascher

Establishing a yoga community of supportive students is very important for a yoga teacher. Here are few simple things that you can do to instantly set yourself apart.


How To Sell-Out Your Yoga Workshops and Jam-Pack Your Classes

Cailen Ascher

Do you want to have jam-packed yoga workshops in your yoga studio? Read on to find a reliable formula which will make your offerings a great hit!


How To Transform Your Best Yoga Students Into Private Clients

Cailen Ascher

If you are a yoga instructor, you will know how difficult it is to retain your yoga students. Find out how to reach and signup students to become your private clients.