How To Become A Freelancer: How I Make More Than $3500 A Month

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Learn how to take any artistic skill you have, and turn it in to a valuable, profitable business model.

Course Description

Why you should take this course?

If you have a passion that you want to turn into a career. If you want to travel the world and get paid to do it. If you want to build a freelancing business that will make you money, and grow, month on month.

What is this course about? What to expect from this course?

You're going to learn:

  • The foundations of every good freelance business
  • How to set a price thats worth your time
  • Simple methods to find clients
  • How to write irresistable work pitches
  • A complete business model to guide you to success

What are the pre-requisites for taking this course?

Drive. Determination. And a thick skin.

Who will benefit from taking this course?

  • People who want to be location free
  • People who want to turn their art into their career
  • People who want more flexible lives
  • People who want to quit their job and achieve fulfilment


Module 1: Introduction
Welcome 01:47
Facebook Mastermind Group
Resources and Worksheets
Module 2: Introspection
Why Do You Want To Freelance? 02:45
What Are You Good At? 02:30
What Does Success Look Like To You? 03:12
Module 3: The Foundations
Build A Great Portfolio Based On Social Proof 09:00
Module 4: Setting Your Price
Charge What You're Worth 06:09
Module 5: Finding Clients
Exercise - List Your Potential Clients 01:43
Where And How To Find New Clients 06:28
Module 6: Pitching
A Simple Technique To Creating A Great Pitch 10:54
Module 7: Easy Business Model
The 'Numbers Game' Business Model 07:11
Module 8: Summary
Where To Go From Here… 03:36

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, Freelance Writer & Speaker

James is addicted to being a true English Gentleman. Between moments of chivalry he runs his own Freelance Blogging company. You can hire him here

Learn how to take any artistic skill you have, and turn it in to a valuable, profitable business model.

What is included

  • 8 modules, 11 lessons
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Free templates
  • Unlimited access to streaming videos