Life Mastery – How To Be Successful In Life

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FEELING LIKE YOU’RE AT A DEAD END? Then you are one course away from a fabulously successful and an incredibly fulfilled life. Learn to be happier than you’ve ever been before with these life-changing secrets! See you on the inside…

Course Description

Why you should take this course?

The "real" answer?

Because it’s no accident that you are here seeing this... and if you can understand what that TRULY means... then you already know this is your next step to becoming the highest version of yourself.

The more “traditional” answer?

There has never been anything like this available to the general public before. Do you believe you are limited in this world? Then so shall you be. Do you wish to finally, really and truly, harness the unlimited and ultimate power of your being? Then also, so shall you be... but you won’t do it with a bunch of doubt hanging around you. So I ask you... How do we remove doubt in this world? We learn. We experience. And then our learning becomes Wisdom. This is why you are here.

What is this course about?

  • In the beginning, you will learn about who you are as a person. This isn’t a metaphor. I will walk you through a series of questions about what you really want out of life. I will give you methods you’ve never seen before to really uncover your true dream and your real life purpose.
  • Next, you will move on to the tools of the spirit. With these, you will learn to change your reality in mere minutes. This is also not a metaphor. This is a method. And this is POWERFUL. In this section you will come into contact with grace and greatness... and you will find them both to already be living within you.
  • From there, you may either: change the world if you like, or just your own life. Once the power is yours, you may do with it as you wish. It works just as well a year from now as it does 10 minutes from now.
  • Other than meeting with me personally (for those who like a more in-depth conversation)... you will never need to buy another program. You have never seen anything like this before.

What are the prerequisites for taking this course?

Have a basic understanding of the English language (or someone who is willing to translate it for you). This program is made to take you from zero knowledge, to Ultimate Knowledge

Who will benefit from taking this course?

  • You. One reason for this, is if you are simply looking for a structured outline to figure out your dream or find your purpose in life.
  •  You, personally, will also benefit if you can’t figure out why this whole “Law of Attraction” thing doesn’t work.
  • And finally... You—and by you, I mean you, specifically—will also benefit because the secret to all of this life can be explained to you in just a few short minutes... and your “Source” codes, can be unlocked just as quickly. ;)

That program is here, now. In front of you. I invite you to join the rest of us who have already found it.


Module 1: Introduction
Welcome 03:22
Download Resources
Facebook Mastermind Group
Module 2: Get It STARTED [Preamble]
Your Story 06:04
Your Dreamland 03:00
Your Moonshot 10:22
The Explanation Of METHOD And MAGIC (Builders vs. Creators) 03:14
Module 3: Get It RIGHT [METHOD]
Welcome To The METHOD Segment 04:06
The Life Designer Workbook 01:17
The Unconscious King (The METHOD Version) 02:14
Step #1 - Your Original Self (Who Am I?) 05:19
Step #2 - Your Wants 08:10
Step #3 - Your Role Models 09:24
Step #4 - Your 'Me' Verbiage 02:26
Step #5 - Your Life Categories 02:38
Step #6 - Your Attention 03:08
Step #7 - Your Happiness 02:11
Step #8 - Your Life Score 02:25
Step #9 - Your Ratings 06:43
Step #10 - Your Full Coverage 02:39
A Momentary Recap 04:44
Step #11 - Your Accomplishments 03:36
Step #12 - Your Reflections (Stranger Danger) 06:19
Step #13 - Your Life Purpose 07:16
Step #14 - Your NEW Self (Who Am I?) 01:14
Step #15 - Your Goals (Sorted by Need and Speed) 04:16
Step #16 - Your Goal Essence 02:53
Step #17 - Your EXACT Goals 05:21
Step #18 - Your Action Plan 08:44
Build Momentum 07:23
Bonus #1: Build Success Habits 06:08
Bonus #2: Build Resistance to Comfort 04:01
Bonus #3: Build Resistance to Failure 07:28
Bonus #4: Build Enthusiasm 07:16
Module 4: Get It RESCRIPTED [Intersessions]
Transitioning 01:50
The Power of Self Belief 09:11
The Power of Happiness 04:56
The Power of Visualization (Build Your Millionaire Mindset) 03:49
Exercise #1 - Tour Guide 03:54
Exercise #2 - Personal Pen Pal 00:53
Exercise #3 - Ideal Day 03:56
Exercise #4 - Vision Boards 08:03
The Power of Magic 01:52
Leaving the Hallway 00:50
Module 5: Get It CREATED [MAGIC]
Welcome to MAGIC Segment 01:10
The Foundations of Who You Truly Are 04:17
The Unconscious King (The Magic Version) 03:55
The Elephant Baby 05:47
The Two Models 03:30
It's Almost Never Up 04:37
Dimensions 02:43
Sensory Development 01:36
Infinite Universes Theory 05:35
The Conscious Creator 02:35
The Two Sentences 01:15
To be in the Kingdom 01:37
Is merely 02:39
To focus your full attention 05:54
Focus (continued) 02:47
You must be willing 01:19
To perceive nothing else 03:46
In The Kingdom 16:64 01:20
The Advanced Method 02:00
Knowing 06:22
The Two Types of Gratitude 02:31
Module 6: Conclusion
The Perfect Mirror 01:34

Instructor Details

Sage Michael

, Transformational Guru

Transformational Guru and author of a popular self help book

FEELING LIKE YOU’RE AT A DEAD END? Then you are one course away from a fabulously successful and an incredibly fulfilled life. Learn to be happier than you’ve ever been before with these life-changing secrets! See you on the inside…