Time Management for the Working Woman

time management for working woman, time management tips

This empowering quote by Eleanor Roosevelt simply brings to light the strength of a woman and how she rises to the occasion gallantly when faced with a tough and challenging situation.

A woman is like a tea bag—you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt (Tweet this)

Especially for a working woman loaded with domestic responsibilities, every day is a challenge! Women have come a long way. Today they are strong, educated, self-sufficient and financially independent without letting go of their softness, their innocence, or their loving and caring nature.

Ask a woman what she wishes for. She will easily exclaim ‘a million hands and a million hours in a day!’

However, life doesn’t work that way. We only have two hands and our day has only 24 hours. Time is of the essence, and honestly said: a little effort and smart time-management becomes the requisite key to unlock a challenging day! Time management is synonymous with self management—the power lies in you.

When it comes to the office and home, one needs to figure out how to balance. Time management for the working woman is critical. The keyword is ‘Prioritize.’ Here are some useful tips on time management for the working woman

Begin your day early

At home leave your office aside. Begin your day early and mentally skim through the chores for the day and start prioritizing. Waking up early gives you ample time to help balance out your chores for the day (office and home) and simply gives you more time to think through your thoughts.

It is amazing how much time you have on your hands if you just try and wake up earlier than usual. For a fresh start, an early morning walk for half an hour will gear you up for the rest of the day.

Saving Time

Domestic chores are ideally best done in the early morning before heading out to work, so that your evenings are more relaxing and you can spend time with your family.

Cook smart. Try making simple but nutritious dishes to manage your time. Getting a domestic helper (maid) drastically helps one in reducing the burden of household chores. Take your two-wheeler instead of your four to reach the office and then back home quicker. This makes life easier as you make your way through hectic traffic and saves time.

Things to Do? Keep them to Weekends

Most of the shopping for the house, it is best to do on the weekend, keeping your weekdays free of extra, or unnecessary chores. Keep a notepad to constantly jot down the ‘things to do’ and this will help you prioritize and remember all the things that need to be done.

Not well-versed with the paper way? No problem. Technology has grown in bounds; your mobile phones and laptops have reminders and tasks functionalities to keep track of your things to do. Make use of it!

Involve your Spouse

Times have changed. Women and men are both working these days and therefore must both equally share the responsibilities of the home. Women must especially remember that men are physically stronger and they should contribute jointly and more often towards household activities.

Make an effort to communicate this with your spouse and work out ways to manage household activities and children, together. Especially, when it comes to children, managing their studies and activities is something that men can probably take care of.

Be a Responsible Professional

At the office, leave your home aside. Be dedicated to your work and make sure you have your superior’s respect and support at all times. Do not give them reason to point a finger at you or have any complaints. Do the best that you can, diligently and responsibly. During your break or lunch time (or free time if any), you can check up on your house, your children or anything else that is important. It is important for the working woman to be professionally responsible.

Working from Home

If you are working from home, put in more effort and give no way for shortcomings from your end. Keep a keen alert on new email and promptly respond to and carry out the work requests. Make sure you don’t slack and ensure you meet deadlines whether working from home or office.

Having a family member, childcare person or day care center to take of your child during the day is a good option, so that you can reduce your workload while working from home. Put in extra hours if need be and request your husband or family member to manage some household responsibilities just for that day.

Make sure you have a healthy relationship with your managers and peers, spend time with them, build your work partnerships, and don’t always be in a hurry.

Don’t miss out on office outings and activities. Make sure you participate in them along with your peers. Enabling simple prioritizing skills and a little extra effort along the way greatly helps in managing your day, your time and your life.

Personal time is a must (Ensure some quality ‘ME’ time)

Last but certainly not the least, a significant aspect in your life is to dedicate some ‘me’ time. Time spent just for you—not for your husband, your children, your family, your work, or your home—time spent just for yourself. Try to make time for your social life. Meet up with friends, go out for a movie or go shopping.

In all this hustle we forget to take care of ourselves. Groom yourself with some home facial, pedicure/manicure or hair enhancement, or make an appointment at the beauty parlour or spa.

When you look better, you automatically feel better about yourself and the world around you. Spend time with your husband, and light up some romance with a movie or dinner out. With kids, we tend to neglect the relationship we have with our better-half, so from time-to-time the two of you must take some time out and spend quality time together.

By prioritizing your tasks for the day and smart time management, enjoy being a homemaker and a professional executive! Hope these tips on time management for the working woman come in handy


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