Which Of These 16 Personality Types Are You?

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How much do you know about your personality? I mean, you know you have one.  There are many different personality types. But do you know what type you belong to? Are you a:

  • Giver?
  • Artist?
  • Nurturer?
  • Mechanic?
  • T-Rex?

Okay, I made that last one up! But knowing your personality type is important. Because when you know where you sit on the spectrum of personality types – you can know where you’re moving from, and heading toward.

16 Personality Types

In this series you’re going to learn all about what Personality Development is. But, before you do, you need to find out what type of personality you’re going to develop from.

1: The Duty Fulfiller

You like security, and take life seriously. You’re extremely thorough when undertaking tasks, and everyone knows you’re responsible and dependable. You feel there is a place in life for traditions and establishments, and have a lot of desire for a peaceful life.

Organization and hard work are your thing. You have unwavering concentration; And, when you set your mind to something – you’re going to achieve it. Especially if that’s a clear, identified goal.

2: The Nurturer

You’re able to put other people first, and are highly aware of their feelings. There’s an urge to help them in any way you can. You can also observe people, and develop a rich idea of who they are on the inside.

Quiet, kind and conscientious sum you up. You’re dependable, and are happy to put the needs of others before your own. Put this together with stability, practicality and a value of traditions and security – and you’ve got a nurturing personality.

 3: The Mechanic

You’re quiet and reserved – because you’re always focusing on how, and why, things work. You like getting into the working parts and have great skills with mechanical objects. There’s no room for thinking about the future, you just live for the moment.

You enjoy the adrenaline rush of extreme sports, and don’t mind breaking the rules to get to your end goal. You enjoy being detached and analytic in that respect. But, you’re incredibly loyal to those around you and have strong values.

4: The Artist

You avoid conflict at all costs, but will always remain loyal to your friends. You see beauty in everything around you, and all of your senses are heightened. You’re quiet and serious, but with sensitivity and kindness to go with it.

You spend all of your time in the moment, and are flexible to do anything you want – because if you weren’t, that would stifle your originality and creativity.

 5: The Idealist

You want to help people. And, you have a strong sense of personal values you live by. One of which is extreme loyalty. But, unless your values are being challenged, you’re pretty laid back. You see opportunities and possibilities around every corner, and have the quick-wit to react to them. And you care about understanding those around you, and helping them where you can.

6: The Protector

You care about doing the right thing. And, you’re quietly forceful about it. But that doesn’t stop you being sensitive and intuitive about the people you encounter. You’re an original individual – you don’t want to lead, or follow, anybody else – but will always stick to what you’ve started. You also live and die by your value system and put a high price on doing the right thing.

7: The Scientist

You’re a thinker, who cares about the long term. You’re analytical with a lot of determination – and the power to be original. Working independently is important to you, and you value: knowledge, competence and structure. Not only do you set yourself high standard, but you demand the best from others too. And you’re looking for the ‘why’ behind everything you do.

Most of the time, you find yourself in leadership positions – unless you’re following someone you highly respect and trust.

8: The Thinker

You love to think outside of the box. You’re logical, but with a creative flair. And you can turn whatever theory you have into a clear, easy to follow idea.But, you like to keep to yourself and wall yourself off from others. So much so you’re happy in your own company, and don’t care about leading or following anybody else.

9: The Doer

You’re friendly and can fit any situation – as long as you’re taking action. You live for the moment and want to see the fruits of your labour right now. Whilst you care about your peers, and are loyal to your dying breath, you don’t care much for authority and rules if they get in the way. But your people skills are good enough to talk your way out of that.

10: The Guardian

You’re practical and organized, with a lot of time for traditions. You don’t care about the science or theory behind what you’re doing – you just want to get started. You have a clear idea of the way things should be and don’t shy away from taking charge. Your organization skills make that easy for you, anyway.

Beneath it all, lies a desire for security and peaceful living.

11: The Performer

You’re the centre of attention wherever you go, because you only care about two things: people and having fun.

You have a lot of common sense, and are great at applying yourself practically – especially when that means you can help other people. You only want to experience this moment right now, and if there’s a new experience to be had, you’re first in line.

 12: The Caregiver

You’re really popular because of your warm heart. You feel a strong responsibility and duty to the people around you, and will often put their needs before yours. You need a lot of reassurance and positive energy from the people around you to feel good about yourself.

13: The Inspirer

You’re a creative soul, with a lot of enthusiasm and ideas. You take quickly to anything that interest you, but are bored by the details of it. Instead you like new ideas, open-mindedness and flexibility. And, you’re great with people.

 14: The Giver

Your people skills are incredible, and you’re popular because of it; but remain sensitive to everyone you meet. Focus is your strongest point, and you always care about how people think and feel. But you don’t really care for your own company and want to be with other people.

You’re a great people manager, and can help deal with their issues. But often neglect your own issues to do so.

15: The Visionary

You’re creative and quick witted, with a knack for being resourceful. You’ve taken to a wide array of skills, and enjoy having a good debate about topics you’re interested in. Mostly so you can one-up the person you’re talking to.

New projects and ideas excite you, but you’re bored by the mundane parts of daily life. But that doesn’t stop you from looking at details and thinking logically to find solutions to problems.

16: The Executive

You’re a natural born leader. Assertive and outspoken, you’re driven to take charge. You can understand even the most difficult organisational problems and create a solution that works. Public speaking is high up in your skill set, and you’re always striving to be intelligent and well informed.

You’re impatient with incompetence and put high expectations on yourself and those around you.

So, which of these 16 personality types are you? 

Found your personality? …… Let me know what it is in the comments!

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