Top 10 Personal Grooming Tips

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Personal Grooming is normally used to refer to improving a person’s appearance. It consists of personal hygiene, tidy hair and appropriate dressing for an occasion. Personal grooming is the art of taking care and maintaining parts of the human body clean.

It is common for both men and women to project a presentable appearance to the world. Personal grooming also includes social and dining etiquettes, body language and exuding confidence and carrying oneself off with grace at all times.  For body language tips – watch the video at the end of the Perfecting Body Language article.

Personal Grooming Tips

Here are some top personal grooming tips to earn you respect and admiration.

1. Skin Care

Skin Care is very important on personal grooming. One must find out the anti-aging techniques, how to stop the shine on the nose and forehead. Skin bleach is the best way to lighten the freckles and blemishes on your skin and can give you a more radiant look. It can also deal with skin discoloration due to aging making it glow. It is always advisable to wear deodorant or mild body spray.

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2.  Hair Style, Body Hair

You should figure out what hairstyle will suit your face and then to adopt the same. Off the face style is preferred for wearing for work. Sprays or gels with strong scents should be avoided.

Similarly, tame unwanted body hair on your back, shoulders, chest, arms and neck.

For women, hair growth in areas such as legs, underarms, or bikini area is considered undesirable and periodic hair removal is necessary to look presentable. Women should wear minimum, simple jewelry.

3.  Dental Care

Finding out the best possible ways to have sparkling teeth means that you care for your Dental problems. Selecting quality toothpaste will keep your teeth clean and healthy and will also take care of the enamel from deteriorating. Always carry a mouth freshener with you for use in unforeseen circumstances to avoid embarrassing bad breath.

4. Nail Care

Personal grooming for nails means they should always be cleaned and shaped. Ideally, your nails should be polished or buffed, or coated with a clear protective coat. Avoid shocking or unusual colors for business meetings. The most elegant look for nail is the French manicure, because they look clean, good, neat and healthy.

5. Walking the Right way

Make sure that you walk in the right way. It means changing the method of your walking style. Take the footage of videos and adjust your walking style that suits the best based on your age, height weight etc.

6. Dressing Elegance

Similarly finding what to wear and what color will give you the best look kind of analysis would certainly help your personal look. Choosing the right outfit for business meetings is essential so as to look professional and impressive to the clients. You need to consider your skin tone and hair color while selecting your dress code. When it comes to jewelry, make up and perfume, less is more desirable.

7. Diet

To maintain a good look you need to consult with your physician to select an appropriate and healthy diet. If you are healthy and young you can consult a nutrition consultant too to have a diet program for your personal grooming.

8.  Exercise

Exercise affects your core muscles and gives you good posture. When you exercise, you build yourself esteem and great confidence about your body condition.

9.  Accessories

Selecting the accessories such as bags, shoes, sunglasses can actually transform your complete look. It is important to choose the appropriate designer’s bags, shoes, watches, jewels and sunglasses for work or other occasions.

10. Visualise your overall look

Wearing no make up at all will give the same negative effect as wearing too much of it. You should visualize the overall look that you are going to sport for that particular day and to select your apparels accordingly.

Hopefully these personal grooming tips are or help. Time spent on personal grooming is well spent, as it gives out the message that you care and in control earning you respect and admiration.


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